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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

A buyer-agent consultation is a valuable way to kick-off a productive home search. Here's why it is important.

You've decided to buy a home. Congratulations! It's very exciting! Given that this is one of the biggest purchases you can make, it's important to spend some time planning your search.

I like to meet with clients in what is called a "buyer consultation" as they begin the search for a home. It's an important meeting because it helps us get to know each other better, it allows us to focus on your needs, and helps lay the groundwork so that we can work well together.

Here's are some specific reasons that it's an important meeting:


It helps us be more efficient when searching for your new home.

We'll discuss what you want in your home by going over different questions such as:

  • Lifestyle: Who will be living in the home you purchase? Do you have anything special that needs to be accommodated such as athletic equipment, fine art, large furniture, or a large collection?

  • Location: What's your ideal location? Are school ratings important? What is your maximum commute time to work?

  • General: Do you want a house in move-in condition or are you willing to do some work on it? Do you have a preference on when the house was built?

  • Structure: What type of home are you looking for -- single-family, condo, etc.? How many stories? What are you looking for in terms of a garage -- attached, carport, etc.? What kind of style do you want your home to have -- formal, casual, cozy, traditional, contemporary, etc.?

Learning your preferences upfront allows me to pre-screen homes that are for sale and present you with the listings that suit your needs and wants. I can do some groundwork that helps us be more efficient in the search.


It gives us a chance to educate you on the market and how to position you to find -- and get -- the home of your dreams.

I'll be able to give you a broader view of the market and the trends I've seen so that you have a better idea of what to expect when we start looking at homes. Once we have a feel for the home market, we'll look at your personal situation to make sure you are well positioned to be appealing to sellers. We'll tap the resources of a great lender or others that can help as needed.


It allows us to create a strategic plan for how to write the best offer when the time comes.

The right offer price is important -- we will look at that strategically. But there are other factors we will need to think about such as how quickly you can close, the

pros and cons of making an offer with a

contingency (it’s risky in the current housing market), the risks and benefits of pursuing a home in bumpable status, etc.


It allows us to discuss how you prefer to communicate.

Do you prefer e-mail, texts, phone calls, Zoom or face-to-face meetings or all of the above? I'll want to know what works best for you. We'll also talk a bit about your schedule so that we can set up a

home viewing plan based on your availability.


You'll get an opportunity to understand buyer-agent business logistics such as our contract for working together.

We'll want to sign a contract so that there are no surprises about things like the term, exclusivity, or how I'm paid as your agent, and we'll want to go over the services you can expect from me throughout the search and home buying process. I typically help clients with details all the way until they close on the house. My goal is to make the purchase process smooth and help make the surprises that are bound to come up much easier to navigate.


In summary, a buyer consultation is important because the best way to find a home of your dreams is not a matter of simply contacting an agent and expecting to see homes or doing blind housing searches online. Taking the time upfront to find and work with a good agent, and to think about what you truly want in a home, can make the buying process that much easier, more efficient, and, hopefully, enjoyable.

I'd love the opportunity to go over all of this in person. Give me a call!

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